lundi 19 décembre 2011

Barista Art ! ( Latte art )

Hello Fellas !
 Our show today is about the exquisite art of Latte ! According to Wikipedia :

..... anyway, for the less technical,
Consider yourself served !

samedi 12 novembre 2011

Is anyone else tired of this crap all over the internet?

 What I really don't understand is why these exist on porn websites. Yeah, I totally want to share that hardcore sex with my facebook friends ! v___v

Install these four Add-ons to Firefox:

or these two to Chrome:

It will be a whole new Internet for you...

    mercredi 2 novembre 2011

    Grand Theft Auto V Trailer !

    Okay, let's take this all in and consider what we learn about the game from this trailer:
    • Will be set at least in Los Santos, possibly all of San Andreas (edit: It is San Andreas, you see it on the license plates. And the bug exterminator's van says "Los Santos" on is, meaning that there's a very good chance we will get all 3 cities)
    • Dogs/animals are in game
    • A MASSIVE looking mountain
    • Biplanes/jets
    • Jet skis? (name of the Jetski? Speeophile 2000)
    • At least one area of town will be "Little Seoul" (:32)
    • Ok, at different points in the trailer there are what looks like different people driving cars. At first I thought it was a sign that the ability to control your whole appearance is back, but when I look closer it almost seems like you would be controlling a different character
    • If the main character winds up being Tommy Vercetti 25 years after the events of Vice City (VO sounds a hell of a lot like Ray Liotta, guy at :40 looks like Tommy) I am pre-ordering this game tomorrow, holy shit
    Just to keep in mind, next October does happen to be the 10 year anniversary of Vice City...
    What else?
    ALSO! Here's the song used in the trailer:
    It's by the Small Faces, called "Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake/Afterglow" Full expect it to be available as a song on a radio station, as all other GTA trailer songs have been

    mercredi 19 octobre 2011

    What has the world became? (+18)

    Two years Toddler Crushed by Two Vehicles,

    Ignored by 18 Passers-by.

    (Alert :Violent, Depressing, And Soul-Crushing)

    Une chinoise de 2 ans heurtée par un van n’est pas secouru par les passants. Pire, la petite devra attendre le 19ème passants qui viendra s’inquièter. La vidéo est assez choquante et montre l’indifférence des gens face à leurs congénères.

    On voit sur les images que la petite Yue Yue est percutée d’abord par une camionnette puis par un poids lourd, devant le magasin de sa famille dans la ville de Foshan.Un éboueur a finalement transporté la fillette sur le trottoir, mais ses appels au secours ont été ignorés par divers commerçants riverains. Il a finalement réussi, seul, à prévenir la mère de la petite fille, qui luttait lundi contre la mort. Triste nouvelle pour cette petite qui était en état de mort cérébrale lundi dernier.

    Que somme nous devenus ?


    vendredi 14 octobre 2011

    TIL : You can easily access (most of) the data Google stores about you.

    View your

    "Right now, the Dashboard focuses on the most popular products that you use when you're signed in to your Google Account. Also, the Dashboard shows only data that you generate or that Google records that's specifically associated with your Google Account. For example, searches you perform when you're signed in to Web History, or a shipping address you've stored in Google Checkout." - Google Answers

    The Schwarzenegger Museum \o/

    The museum opened in the house where Arnold Schwarzenegger spent his childhood. The museum contains the personal belongings of the iron and other items for Arnie, who played an important role in his life.  11 more images after the break...

    Pictures Via :